What interests me most about visual art is the story that unfolds during the creative process.  Art is connected to the stories and lives of people transpiring in the world around us.  I try to show this in my visual work attempting to depict the tangled web of emotions, stories, and experiences that we all share.  This happens in the studio, yes, but I also try to share this experience by bringing the making of art into public places. By creating with musicians and speakers in a variety of settings, the audience is allowed to partake in the creative process, finding themselves personally relating to the art and internalizing their own experience with it.  I hope that this exposure to the creative process helps evolve the visual arts to a more tangible and important element in our culture and brings about (in any way) an awakening in the human soul.



Scott Erickson is a touring painter, performance artist, and creative priest who mixes autobiography, mythology, and aesthetics to create art that speaks to our deepest experiences.
Most recently, Scott released “Stations In The Street”, an open share stations of the cross street art show; and he is currently touring his one man performance piece “We Are Not Troubled Guests” in which he navigates the surprising gift of an existential crisis. He is also the co-author of “Prayer: Forty Days of Practice” and an adjunct professor at Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon. 
Scott is most loved by his wife Holly and his children Anders and Elsa. 




Alliance Is Rebellion, Bombsheller, Seattle, WA 2015
We Are Not Troubled Guests, Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 2014
Cruciformity, Xnihilo Gallery, Houston, TX  March 2012
Jerusalem Stations of the Cross, Xnihilo Gallery, Houston, TX March 2011
Saints of LOST, Xnihilo Gallery, Houston, TX January 2010
Solo Show, Cafe Verite Ballard, Seattle, WA, June 2009
Solo Show, Cafe Verite Ballard, Seattle, WA, 2007
Faces of Orphans, Icon Coffee, Seattle WA, 2007
Surf, Herkimer Coffee, Seattle WA, 2007
Green Lake, Cafe Verite Madrona, Seattle WA, 2007
Adultery, Solo Show, New York Fashion Academy, Seattle WA, 2007
Foster Care, Green Bean Cafe, Seattle WA, 2006
Summer and Prayers, Chocolati, Seattle WA, 2006



The Vancouver Project I, Lookout Gallery, Regent College, Vancouver, B.C., January 2009
The Vancouver Project I, Fat Tiger Studios, Seattle, WA, December 2008
Beauty For Ashes, The Chartreuse Muse Galley, Modesto, CA, 2008
Faces of Hope, Urban Artworks Gallery, Alpharetta, GA, 2007
Nature Artwalk, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, Seattle WA, 2007
RE-Store Art Show, Ballard Artwalk, Seattle WA, 2006



Artist in Residence, Ecclesia Church, Houston, TX, Sept 2009 – Present
Artist in Residence, Urbana Convention, St Louis, MO, Dec 2009
Artist For Urban Hymnal 1, Seattle, WA, 2008
By/For Artist Residency, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, August 2008
AIDS Mural with WorldVision, Bumbershoot Music Festival 2005
Artist in Residence, DOXA Church, Seattle, WA,2004-2006



Artwork for Derek Webb’s Feedback Album, 2010
Illustrations for The Gospel According to Jesus by Chris Seay, 2010
Illustrations for True Religion by Palmer Chinchen, 2010
Illustrations for The Gospel According to LOST by Chris Seay, 2009



Western Washington University, Bellingham WA, 2000
Bachelor in Secondary Education, Arts