“Worship” Defined

Honestly. I went to this horrible church service recently. It was awful. It was awful because it was churchy for church sake. Layers and layers upon activities and statements that didn’t sound like they had anything to with life outside of this building. They only made sense in this particular practice. And my biggest beef is that the word worship has been taken and defined to mean a very particular activity. So I decided to and my two cents in this video…..

And as always…. I made some art about it.

You should get one of these. : )

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7/29 – Seattle performance of “…Troubled Guests”


Seattle friends!

I’m finally getting up to the town I grew up in to put on a performance of my one man show We Are Not Troubled Guests.” I’m sending in invite to all of you in that area to come for a couple reasons…..

1. I want to show you what I’m up too. 

In my evolving as an artist, I’ve come to a place where I’ve realized that most of what I want to be working on is multi-medium storytelling. I will always be a visual artist…. but I know I want what I create to end at a place where I’m sharing stories with an audience. “Troubled Guests” is my first foray into this format….. and I’d love for my friends and family who’ve supported me so long to see what I’m up to.

2.  I’m filming this one and need an audience!

I’m filming this show for documentation and promotional use and it would be a huge help to have a great audience there!



Venue: The Fremont Abbey , 4272 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103

Date/Time: Tuesday July 29 – doors at 730pm, show starts at 8pm.

Support: suggested donation of $5-$10….. tickets sold at door.

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A number of years ago, I suffered a depressive episode through burnout while I worked at a church.  What that burnout revealed, and any pain really (loss, tragedy, suffering), was my deepest doubts and unbelief.  I found navigating this brokenness tremendously difficult whilst being a religious leader. After I had left that job, and throughout the next year, I went on a journey trying to discover if faith in the Divine would ever be an option for me again.  And I discovered something even more frightening than the loss of religion in my life… the loss of community.
Through a mix of video, speaking, painting, and a bit of karaoke, I explore many different stages of this journey –   humor, anger, pain, despair, helplessness, confession, acceptence – all of which led me to a very transformational and transcendent experience… which changed the way I see the entire human race and my place in it.


Thx for your support. Hope to see you there!





“Troubled Guests” at Level Ground PDX


I was contacted by the folks at Level Ground about possibly providing some art element to their upcoming weekend roadshow in Portland. If you don’t know about Level Ground, here’s a statement from their website:

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Forgive Thy Other

I decided to refresh an old painting I had done called “Forgive Thy Brother”.

So I bring you “Forgive Thy Other.”


Prints & Products available on my Society6 page.

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Peace Out – Limited Edition Screenprint


I’m excited to release this run of 50 screen prints of one of my favorite images I’ve created thus far in my life – “Peace Out.” 

This is my first run of screen prints EVER!… and I couldn’t be more proud of how sexy they are.

To celebrate the first 10 prints are for a discounted price of $30 plus shipping and can be purchased here. (update 4/4/14 – $30 are sold out)

The rest will go for a stellar price of $40 plus shipping and can be purchased here.


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Viktor Frankl Quote

Endure Burning - Viktor Frankl Quote


This is one of my favorite quotes by Viktor Frankl. His book Man’s Search For Meaning had a great influence on me last year. In fact, this quote is on the front page of my personal journal. The text in the cloud is actually a copy of that text.  Anyway… I had wanted to make a poster based on this quote… and this is what I came up with. You can get a print and many more products on my Society6 page.

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Thrift Store Art “Remixed”


I was recently written up on Country Living’s Blog on this thrift store painting (pictured above) that I did for some friends. I’m fully aware of the work of  Wayne White who’s humorous approach to remix thrift store paintings is such a delight. And I guess… in this season of life… I just needed to work on some projects that just make me giggle.

With the landscape paintings, I mostly want to image the scene being a place where a party just happened… and you’re coming across the left souvenirs from that gathering. Tree houses were built. Banners were hung. A fire was started. It was a fantastic time for all. And of course…. killer beez on the flowers.

Apparently Portland is a treasure trove of thrift store paintings. So as I continue to find them… I’ll just keep making them. You can find them for sale on my Etsy site:

Etsy Store for Thrift Store Paintings

Here’s a sample of some of the work…..

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Los Angeles – A Recap

I got to be a part of the Justice Conference in LA this year and I’m truly thankful for it.

some highlights:

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Pittsburgh – a recap

Oh Pittsburgh. I love you. Even when you are in the 20’s and snowing all week.

Guys…. so much happened in 6 days that it would be dumb for me to write it all down. So maybe I’ll just list the things I loved this time around.

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After Burnout – Life In The Wood Podcast

life in the woods

I didn’t know how much I’ve grown over the last year… and even over the last two months…. but I was surprised what came out of my mouth as I talked with Blake Stratton of the Life In The Woods podcast. 

It’s some of the best stuff I’ve ever shared… seriously.

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Thx Blake for digging in the dirt with me.