JESUS WILL RETURN IN 3016! … so until then…

This is a talk I gave to a group of pastors about the work of giving a vision with giving.

Jubilee 16

This was my 5th consecutive year painting at the Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. At the conference, I am the artist in residence – meaning I paint during all the main session gatherings – and I also do some breakout seminars – this year doing WE ARE NOT TROUBLED GUESTS and one with my friend Justin McRoberts on Prayer.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 6.57.18 AM
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Pittsburgh trip!!!


Excited to be back in the Burgh for a week of awesomeness!

I’ll be doing a variety of things and would love to see you at one of these!



I’ll be performing for the young adults group at Cornerstone Church.


I’ll be painting at two Ash Wednesday services at Northway Church in the Oakland neighborhood.


all are invited to the gathering! thx New City Church for hosting – click here for info


excited to be involved with the Jubilee Conference and Jubilee Pro again for the fourth consecutive year.

painting, speaking, all around awesomeness – website

2/22 – PUB CLUB 

sharing some new thoughts through word, image, and brew – website



See you soon!

Dying To Trust – talk at Collide Conference

Had the pleasure to be the only male presenter at the Collide Conference for Women a couple weeks ago. Here’s what I had to say!

Los Angeles – A Recap

I got to be a part of the Justice Conference in LA this year and I’m truly thankful for it.

some highlights:

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Pittsburgh – a recap

Oh Pittsburgh. I love you. Even when you are in the 20’s and snowing all week.

Guys…. so much happened in 6 days that it would be dumb for me to write it all down. So maybe I’ll just list the things I loved this time around.

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Confession: I might be a performance artist.

joe vs volcano moon

Look. I might be crazy.

So if this all turns out weird… well hey…. at least I know I’m crazy.

But over the last 8 weeks I’ve been receiving really intense visions for this performance art/play/presentation I’m going to be doing next week in Pittsburgh for three nights. It’s all such a long story… and I honestly don’t want to write it all down…. but seriously… it’s like I’m taking dictation on something that needs to come out. It’ll be storytelling, live painting, video, and a bit of group singing as I share some of my most vulnerable experiences on faith, depression, and the journey of belonging. It’s the next step I’ve been seeing over the last 18 months…. that my work in narrative and live painting need to combine into an experience form… which I’ve only seen in theatre and performance art. So… it looks like I’m a performance artist.

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What I learned from some fellow artists…

Last week I got to take part with ArtHouse Dallas’ Visual Artist panel. The evening started off with a group dinner and then moved into a conversation type event. I was asked to be the moderator in a discussion with three other visual artists on a range of topics from process to integration of faith and work.

If you don’t know a lot about ArtHouse, here’s a statement from their own website: “Art House Dallas hopes to provide creative nurture, mentoring, hospitality, and access to vocational and spiritual counsel all the while promoting the seamless life of Christian discipleship and imaginative living.”

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Cruciformity Mobile Show

We wanted to bring the Cruciformity show to the Catalyst Conference in Dallas this Spring, so I had to figure out some way of making it mobile. This is what I built…