Why The Church Needs Art @ Multnomah University

If you’re interested in hearing/seeing my talk about my experiences as an artist working with churches… well here’s a good 50 mins of content… and maybe some karaoke at the end. : )




At Sea - Scott Erickson-72

I had one of my favorite performances of WANTG down in the Bay Area with @SEA EVENTS. Thank you to my friend Justin McRoberts for putting on such a great show. The crowd was great. The Q&A afterwards was amazing. And thx Tim Preut for some great pics of the evening.


@SEA EVENTS has their next event on September 18 with graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang! You won’t want to miss that.

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This Wednesday! Design Museum Portland’s Story Hour




Excited to be a part of Design Museum Portland’s first every story telling event called “Story Hour” this Wednesday night at 630pm at the Village Ballroom. The theme of the night will be “Design Fail!”… stories of being the trenches of creating and learning from our mistakes.

I got a good story planned so you won’t want to miss it!

Here are some of the other presenters:
Fredrik Averin, Razorfish
Scott Erickson, Artist
Eric Corey Freed, International Living Future Institute
Hunter Marshall, Liquid Agency
Gabe Paez, WILD
Mark Shapiro, Laika
Kjell van Zoen, Plywerk
go to the link below to get a free ticket. every attender gets a free drink ticket as well.

see you there!

Why The Church Needs Art – Part Four

Part Four in a series of videos I made about some things I learned being the artist in residence at Ecclesia Church in Houston, TX from 2009-2012.

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Why The Church Needs Art – Parts 1 & 2

For the next four weeks, I will be releasing a series of videos highlighting some of the things I learned being the artist in residence at Ecclesia Church in Houston, TX from 2009-2012. I wanted to get these stories out… and I thought about just writing them… but because I had so much unused footage of things I did at Ecclesia, I decided to put them in video form. So.. here you go. Cheers.


Part One

*In the first two speaking segments, the sound is not great. We lost that audio in transferring data. Just wanted to let you know that I know it’s not great.


Part Two


*If you are interested in me telling these stories in a live setting… I have a full multi-media show (live painting, group singing, curated video) based on this content that is available for performing. Please email me here to find out more info.


*Also, if you’d like to not miss out on the release of the next videos, important updates, and periodic free art, sign up for my much cherished email list!

Pittsburgh trip!!!


Excited to be back in the Burgh for a week of awesomeness!

I’ll be doing a variety of things and would love to see you at one of these!



I’ll be performing for the young adults group at Cornerstone Church.


I’ll be painting at two Ash Wednesday services at Northway Church in the Oakland neighborhood.


all are invited to the gathering! thx New City Church for hosting – click here for info


excited to be involved with the Jubilee Conference and Jubilee Pro again for the fourth consecutive year.

painting, speaking, all around awesomeness – website

2/22 – PUB CLUB 

sharing some new thoughts through word, image, and brew – website



See you soon!

Failure Of A Plan

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.21.32 AM

I failed.

I’m 37 and I don’t have a plan for my life.

It seems to me like you should at this age. At least… that’s the standard perception amongst my peers.

I was talking about this with a fellow late thirties friend. She’s recently divorced and her life feels like the rubble of a city after an air raid reminiscent of WWII. She too doesn’t know where to go next… and finds herself lamenting the lack of a plan… a lack of having her shit together… a lack of feeling like there is a successful way forward.

I can whole-heartedly relate.

Our words ended and we took a few beats together in silence to sit in the solidarity of “failed” plans. “Failed” thirties. “Failed” success stories.

Then these words emerged from somewhere deep.


Let’s accept our failure. 
And then, standing in the ashes of our failed plans,
let’s ask ourselves this:
What does this now free me to do?
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Dying To Trust – talk at Collide Conference

Had the pleasure to be the only male presenter at the Collide Conference for Women a couple weeks ago. Here’s what I had to say!


San Diego!!!! Troubled Guest show



So excited to be performing my show in San Diego! Seriously. Really stoked.

It’s $5-$10 donation at the door… but seats could fill up… so you can get a ticket early by going to our eventbrite page for this event:  click here for eventbrite page.



Sunset Temple

Promo Vid



I will also be performing this event in the surrounding area:

Sept 11 – McGraw House Show| Carlsbad | 8pm

facebook invite

$5-$10 suggested donation at the door


Sept 12 – Saddleback Church | Lake Forest | 7pm


$5-$10 suggested donation at the door

7/29 – Seattle performance of “…Troubled Guests”


Seattle friends!

I’m finally getting up to the town I grew up in to put on a performance of my one man show We Are Not Troubled Guests.” I’m sending in invite to all of you in that area to come for a couple reasons…..

1. I want to show you what I’m up too. 

In my evolving as an artist, I’ve come to a place where I’ve realized that most of what I want to be working on is multi-medium storytelling. I will always be a visual artist…. but I know I want what I create to end at a place where I’m sharing stories with an audience. “Troubled Guests” is my first foray into this format….. and I’d love for my friends and family who’ve supported me so long to see what I’m up to.

2.  I’m filming this one and need an audience!

I’m filming this show for documentation and promotional use and it would be a huge help to have a great audience there!



Venue: The Fremont Abbey , 4272 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98103

Date/Time: Tuesday July 29 – doors at 730pm, show starts at 8pm.

Support: suggested donation of $5-$10….. tickets sold at door.

Click here for Facebook Event




A number of years ago, I suffered a depressive episode through burnout while I worked at a church.  What that burnout revealed, and any pain really (loss, tragedy, suffering), was my deepest doubts and unbelief.  I found navigating this brokenness tremendously difficult whilst being a religious leader. After I had left that job, and throughout the next year, I went on a journey trying to discover if faith in the Divine would ever be an option for me again.  And I discovered something even more frightening than the loss of religion in my life… the loss of community.
Through a mix of video, speaking, painting, and a bit of karaoke, I explore many different stages of this journey –   humor, anger, pain, despair, helplessness, confession, acceptence – all of which led me to a very transformational and transcendent experience… which changed the way I see the entire human race and my place in it.


Thx for your support. Hope to see you there!