DIY Thrift Store Art

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 There is a Goodwill by my studio that always has killer landscape paintings.

And when I say killer, I mean the ones you find in your grandmas attic. The ones ripe with old time Bob Ross nostalgia. The ones you kind of love but you would never really put them up in your house.

I’ve done a series of thrift store paintings in the past where I painted various additions to the scenes – from tree houses to submarines – but most people who don’t paint feel a bit inadequate to accomplish such results. So I thought about what could be an awesome alternative, and I realized that everyone can lay some tape down and dab paint.

1. Find a painting. Lay down some tape.


-Visit your local second hand store and find a great piece.

-Figure out your design before hand. You can do the rays, or diagonal or horizontal lines, or whatever you want.

-Think about your color scheme before hand. Less is more in this situation. Too many colors can lead to an unexpected mess. Keep it simple and smart. One of my favorite inspirations in this area is the Wes Anderson Color Palette.

-Make sure your tape is down tight. Thrift store paintings often have a lot of texture. Make sure the blue painters tape is connected in every spot to make a sharp line.


2. Paint and Pull


-Lay out your lines. Make sure tape is tight!

-Brush paint on. Use blow dryer for faster dry times. Brush paint on again for a good solid coat.

-Beware over drying. I found if I dried the paint too much that when I removed the tape sometimes the paint on the tape would not separate from the paint on the canvas. Consequently this would ruin my attempted straight lines.


-Magic ensues!




3. Enjoy the fruit of your labors

Here are some examples of pieces I have created in this medium.










Good luck! and good creating!

I would love to see what you make. Post a pic on twitter/facebook/instagram and tag me @scottthepainter in it so I can see your awesomeness.