Hearing the Voice of God – Lenten Art Show

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I wanted to offer something a bit different for Lent this year. Usually during Lent, if churches put up any kind of artwork, it’s the stations of the cross imagery. I have offered my own interpretation of that in my Stations in the Street show…. which has been very successful.

Maybe it’s because I’m training to be a Spiritual Director, and maybe it’s because of my own prayer practice, but this Lent I wanted to invite communities to practice listening to the voice of God for Lent. Giving up something for Lent, which is a common practice, is really about that…. about trying to remove or add something to help align oneself to the presence of God. Not that that is a tired ole thing… not at all. But I wanted to offer something that was in the same vein… but had a bit different spin to it.

So here is the imagery… and here’s what I wrote about the show….




Hearing always begins with honesty. Which sounds easy enough. But if you’ve ever really tried to be completely honest… well it’s pretty scary. Often we think we need to be something “other” or “something” better to approach God. But this leads us to the opposite of honesty. This is why Jesus says when you pray, go into a closet (I prefer the shower) and pray in secret… because when you’re all alone you’ll be your most honest self. Honest about fears, doubts, skepticism, hopes, goals, dreams, pains, questions, anxieties, desires, loves, etc. This is what prayer is: a conversation about everything. A doorway to hear God’s voice has always been inside you. The key is honesty.


There are tools that can help us get better at this honest conversation: Words and Images. Often we use Words to help give language to that honest conversation. We can also use Imagery to do this as well because we all know a picture can say a thousand words. The key is to understand that these Words and Images are not the content itself. They are excavation tools. They help exhume the real content: the ongoing ever-present conversation between you and the Divine.


When dealing with art imagery, a fine question is “what does this mean?” An even better question is “what is this bringing out of me?” These twelve images are excavation tools to the honest conversation. In this season of Lent, we look to Jesus as our model and guide to this very conversation. All the statements are His… and all imagery is pointing to His invitation into the Kingdom of Heaven. Good digging!


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So that’s the show!

As always… you have a couple of options for bringing this show to your church or community.

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Click here for thirteen digital posters and one instruction pdf. Everything you need at a price you can decide.




Click here for the entire show plus slides, a font package, and various informational pdfs.




Click here for #2 plus I’ll print, sign, and mail you the show.



How should I print these?

I used Fedex Office to print out the images at 36 inches by 48 inches. I’m told you can do this Staples or any other large format corporate printer.

You want them to print on paper that is used for blueprints. It’s called bond paper. It’s very lightweight and fairly inexpensive.

At Fedex Office, they print in black and white for around 87 cents a square foot. That makes each one of these prints around $9… and you have 12 stations plus the description… so that makes printing out this show a cost of around $120.

You can always print the show smaller if you like. I have formatted all these images to print out at 36”x48” at the largest… and anything smaller is possible.


What if we want to wheat paste this outside? And I’ve never wheat pasted before?

I watched this video of Sheperd Fairey walking through his whole process of putting art up. I found it extremely helpful when wheat pasting myself:


Included in the package is a recipe to make your own wheat paste… but I also found that this was a great product to use.


Can we hang this show inside?

Absolutely. You should make this fit best with whatever is best for your community.


Okay. Best of luck everyone. Let me know how I can help!