Creative Direction for Jefferson Bethke Videos


discussing the day with director Travis Hawkins

I’ve done a few videos with internet celebrity Jefferson Bethke over the last year. Jeff is a super guy and I’ve been honored at any invitation to partner with him.

After the release of his book, LifeWay wanted to create a series of videos to go along with a devotional they are putting at the end of the year. Jeff wanted more than just talking head videos… so he asked me if I could come up with artistic representations of the themes he would be speaking on. I pitched them some ideas… some of which I knew would be risky to pull off… but they were stoked on the ideas.

So we spent a week together putting these ideas together. And I can’t tell you how awesome it felt to see them all happen the way I had imagined them in my head. Eric Chapman (part of the crew) sent me some pics from that time and I share them with you.


content details with jeremy and jeff



grace is like chocolate cake




belle lappara stealing the hearts of the crew





god’s love illuminates our love to love others

b9 b10 b11


setting up houses shoot with travis



we are a diverse community

And then… 5 months late… it arrived!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.36.37 PM


PS…. I also got to work with director Travis Hawkins on this project… who is a complete delight.  I had no idea that he was such an internet sensation as well….. you must watch this video!