Spiritual Practices – Downloadable Art Show

A few years ago, my church began asking the question, “What does it mean to be the people of God in our time and place in history?” This led us to adopt some specific practices found in the Scriptures that turn our lives both toward the grace of the Divine that has come to us in Jesus and toward the world He loves. They are:

Hear and Obey – Receiving the grace of Jesus as He speaks to us through His Word and Spirit – leading us into holy listening, dependent trust, and obedient faith.

Celebration – Celebrating Jesus through the grace of communal worship and the submission of holy rest – cultivating an experience of gratitude and intimacy with the Divine.

Vocation – Participating with Jesus in daily mission through the grace of living out our holy calling as a community and as individuals – leading us to an awareness of our spiritual gifts and the divine opportunities in our daily work.

Hospitality – Experiencing the grace of Jesus by welcoming Him into our lives through the face of the stranger – making space for inclusive meals, acts of compassion, and sharing the grace and knowledge we receive from Jesus with others. 

Generosity – Encountering Jesus through the grace of joining him in selfless service and revolutionary sacrifice – teaching us that our time, our energy and our resources have been given to us to bless the world.

Sabbath – Resting in the provision and grace of the Divine by submitting to holy rest – making us aware that we are sustained by Love and Providence, and it is from this central rest that we work throughout our lives.


I recently created a series of paintings for the inside of our sanctuary to help us to remember these practices as we gather together. I loved these images so much that I wanted to make them available to other communities to use in their own conversation and faith practice.

Piggy backing off the Station in the Street art show, I decided I would use the same downloadable and printing process.  But the aesthetic of the paintings didn’t translate into this form very well. So I redesigned the whole show into a form that looks artistic and didactic at the same time. The emphasis on this show is to help communities to adopt Spiritual Practices.

A spiritual practice is any regular and intentional activity that establishes, develops, and nourishes a personal relationship with the Divine in which we allow ourselves to be transformed. These practices can be done individually but are also experienced communally as well. A great resource to know more about spiritual practice is this website. 

There are more traditional Spiritual Practices than the six I have chosen for these posters. But like I said, these six are based on a conversation that came out of my faith community.

The posters are designed in a way to give the viewer many tiers of engagement. It first starts with the image. Then the practice title. Then the phrase prompt. Then three elements of that practice. Then six scriptures that this practice is rooted in.


webphoto1 webphoto3 webphoto6

webphoto2 webphoto5 webphoto4



This show is meant to be printed out and hung up in your community space. Many churches have walls that are desperately wanting some art… and this fulfills that desire. Even though in the video above I wheat paste this show to the walls of my church, that is not necessary for this show. That is something that is particular to my church… being on a commuter bike path in downtown Portland. My intention with this show is that it would be placed inside your church or community gathering space and be used for contemplation, discussion, and implementation for the viewers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 4.37.23 PM

This show can be printed out at any size. I designed it to be printed out at 36”x48” on bond paper at Fedex Office… since most metropolitan areas have a Fedex Office. But maybe your space does not have that much room. You can print this out to whatever fills that space best.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 4.36.30 PM

Many people ask me what’s the best way to hang these images? And if you are going to do this and have questions, please feel free to email me at artforstory@gmail.com and I will gladly help you figure out a solution. I have included a hanging manual in every tier of purchase to give you suggestions on how to hang this art appropriately. Quickly though, a few suggestions are to mount the posters to wood, form boards, or some kind of solid flat surface and hang them that way. You can also simply pin them to the wall if you’d like. There are so many possibilities!



This is a labor of love. I love art and I love the church…. so its a joy to provide art for the church. All of this was created on my own time… and I appreciate your giving to my families financial needs so that I can continue to make quality work like this. Thank you for your generosity!


1.Digital Download – pay what you want


Click Here!

Included: 12 posters, One Artist’s Statement poster, hanging instructions

I want to make this artwork available to all kinds of communities… great or small, rich or poor. Therefore, this package is a “pay what you want” download. The suggested price for all the artwork is $89… but you know your budget so work with what you got.

2. Church Package – $199


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Included: 12 posters, One Artist’s Statement poster, hanging instructions, scripture and information, Adobe Illustrator file with all information



3. Church Package B – Analog & Digital – $399


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Included: everything in package 2…. but say you don’t have a Fedex Office or some place to print these. I will print out this show and send it to you.



4. I come to you – $1900


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Included: I buy a ticket. I come to you. I bring the art. I hang it up. I speak to your community in the way that makes sense – preach Sunday morning, speak at special event, put on one of my performance pieces. We can work out the details…..



How should I print these?

I used Fedex Office to print out the images at 36 inches by 48 inches. I’m told you can do this Staples or any other large format corporate printer.

You want them to print on paper that is used for blueprints. It’s called bond paper. It’s very lightweight and fairly inexpensive.

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 5.08.01 PM

At Fedex Office, they print in black and white for around 87 cents a square foot. That makes each one of these prints around $9… and you have 12 stations plus the description… so that makes printing out this show a cost of around $120.

You can always print the show smaller if you like. I have formatted all these images to print out at 36”x48” at the largest… and anything smaller is possible.


What if I’ve never wheat pasted before?

I watched this video of Sheperd Fairey walking through his whole process of putting art up. I found it extremely helpful when wheat pasting myself:


Included in the package is a recipe to make your own wheat paste… but I also found that this was a great product to use.… and I would recommend that.


Can we hang this show inside?

Absolutely. You should make this fit best with whatever is best for your community.


What’s the best way to hang inside?

There are a number of different ways you can hang inside. You can simple pin these posters up to the wall. You can use an adhesive spray and attach them to foam board. You can use mod podge or adhesive grip to attach the posters to wood or any thick surface to then hang them up. You can find a different printer than Fedex Office and print them on thick paper so they can hold themselves up. There are many ways to do hang and display this work. Please contact me if you have any questions and I can help you out.


Why do you do this?

I’m haunted. By doing it I release the haunting.


Okay. Best of luck everyone. Let me know how I can help!